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Album: The Order [free mp3]

Release: 2003 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

The Order download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Dusk & Dawn.mp3 (3.77mb) download
2. David Torn - Truth Is Beauty.mp3 (2.56mb) download
3. David Torn - Father Alex's Mass.mp3 (1.86mb) download
4. David Torn - Re-aligned & Gone To Rome.mp3 (3.88mb) download
5. David Torn - Aramaic Texts.mp3 (1.94mb) download
6. David Torn - There Will Be No Inquiry.mp3 (1.59mb) download
7. David Torn - Ask The Dying.mp3 (5.98mb) download
8. David Torn - Nightengales.mp3 (1.90mb) download
9. David Torn - Building The Cathedral.mp3 (1.56mb) download
10. David Torn - Trying To Understand.mp3 (1.89mb) download
11. David Torn - The Death Of Mara.mp3 (3.69mb) download
12. David Torn - Their Final Union.mp3 (5.03mb) download
13. David Torn - Hunting Eden.mp3 (8.60mb) download
14. David Torn - Alex Is Another Other.mp3 (6.04mb) download
15. David Torn - Resolve, At All Costs.mp3 (2.35mb) download
16. David Torn - Due Croce.mp3 (4.74mb) download

Album: Polytown [free mp3]

Release: 2001 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 10 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Polytown download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Honey Sweating.mp3 (5.77mb) download
2. David Torn - Palms For Lester.mp3 (6.74mb) download
3. David Torn - Open Letter To The Heart Of Diaphora.mp3 (4.63mb) download
4. David Torn - Bandaged By Dreams.mp3 (6.89mb) download
5. David Torn - Warrior Horsemen....mp3 (5.02mb) download
6. David Torn - Snail Hair Dune.mp3 (9.53mb) download
7. David Torn - This Is The Abduction Scene.mp3 (3.17mb) download
8. David Torn - Red Sleep.mp3 (4.47mb) download
9. David Torn - Res Majuko.mp3 (3.71mb) download
10. David Torn - City Of The Dead.mp3 (3.53mb) download

Album: What Means Solid Traveller [free mp3]

Release: 1996 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 10 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

What Means Solid Traveller download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Spell Breaks With The Weather.mp3 (5.21mb) download
2. David Torn - What Means Solid Traveller.mp3 (8.84mb) download
3. David Torn - Such Little Mirrors.mp3 (7.16mb) download
4. David Torn - Tiny Burns A Bridge.mp3 (9.86mb) download
5. David Torn - Gidyahana.mp3 (9.02mb) download
6. David Torn - Each Prince, To His Kingdom.mp3 (4.35mb) download
7. David Torn - Particle Bugs At Purulia.mp3 (9.75mb) download
8. David Torn - I Will Not Be Free.mp3 (2.26mb) download
9. David Torn - Til You Are Free.mp3 (4.34mb) download
10. David Torn - Else Where, Now Than Waving.mp3 (7.97mb) download

Album: Tripping Over God [free mp3]

Release: 1995 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 13 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Tripping Over God download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Pasha.mp3 (12.11mb) download
2. David Torn - Seven Door #3.mp3 (7.17mb) download
3. David Torn - The Entire Wish Spent Timing.mp3 (5.49mb) download
4. David Torn - Trip Over God.mp3 (8.47mb) download
5. David Torn - Dr. 8, The Bird You Sang.mp3 (3.96mb) download
6. David Torn - Acosay Phodei Mojo.mp3 (2.80mb) download
7. David Torn - Bust My Ass For Thinking.mp3 (5.77mb) download
8. David Torn - Shofar.mp3 (4.25mb) download
9. David Torn - Rollin' and Tumblin'.mp3 (8.32mb) download
10. David Torn - How Could I.mp3 (5.19mb) download
11. David Torn - What Was Once....mp3 (7.82mb) download
12. David Torn - Thought Of Many Georges.mp3 (4.27mb) download
13. David Torn - And Well I Found No Bottom.mp3 (3.81mb) download

Album: Door X [free mp3]

Release: 1990 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 10 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Door X download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Time Bomb.mp3 (8.90mb) download
2. David Torn - Lion Of Boaz.mp3 (9.02mb) download
3. David Torn - Voodoo Chile.mp3 (9.52mb) download
4. David Torn - The Others.mp3 (8.53mb) download
5. David Torn - Diamond Mansions.mp3 (7.25mb) download
6. David Torn - Good Morning, Mr Wonderful.mp3 (6.13mb) download
7. David Torn - Brave Light Of Sun.mp3 (8.27mb) download
8. David Torn - Promise.mp3 (8.04mb) download
9. David Torn - Taste Of Roses.mp3 (7.71mb) download
10. David Torn - Door X.mp3 (9.95mb) download

Album: Cloud About Mercury [free mp3]

Release: 1986 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 6 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Cloud About Mercury download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Suyafhu Skin... Snapping The Hollow Reed.mp3 (15.12mb) download
2. David Torn - The Mercury Grid.mp3 (10.56mb) download
3. David Torn - 3 Minutes Of Pure Entertainment.mp3 (12.96mb) download
4. David Torn - Previous Man.mp3 (13.00mb) download
5. David Torn - The Network Of Sparks - A. The Delicate Code.mp3 (8.38mb) download
6. David Torn - B. Egg Learns To Walk ...Suyafhu Seal.mp3 (16.09mb) download

Album: Best Laid Plans [free mp3]

Release: 1985 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 1 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Best Laid Plans download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Two Face Flash.mp3 (10.15mb) download

Album: Cell Damage [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 60 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Cell Damage download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Altaphryg.mp3 (0.45mb) download
2. David Torn - Amicapreta.mp3 (0.30mb) download
3. David Torn - Aunty Tonal Frequencies.mp3 (1.80mb) download
4. David Torn - Beard.mp3 (0.37mb) download
5. David Torn - Belowdex Kromatik.mp3 (5.96mb) download
6. David Torn - Bent Choochoo.mp3 (0.44mb) download
7. David Torn - Bird Boy.mp3 (0.27mb) download
8. David Torn - Broke Water.mp3 (0.34mb) download
9. David Torn - Busted Pseudo Riddim.mp3 (0.34mb) download
10. David Torn - Cave Breaks.mp3 (0.89mb) download
11. David Torn - Certain Demise.mp3 (0.37mb) download
12. David Torn - Circrush.mp3 (1.63mb) download
13. David Torn - Crackow.mp3 (0.34mb) download
14. David Torn - Dark Arney.mp3 (1.24mb) download
15. David Torn - Demilokaos.mp3 (0.67mb) download
16. David Torn - Digitoud.mp3 (1.48mb) download
17. David Torn - Dogzarhi.mp3 (0.26mb) download
18. David Torn - Downrite Busted.mp3 (0.67mb) download
19. David Torn - Drive! Drive!.mp3 (0.53mb) download
20. David Torn - Dwak.mp3 (0.22mb) download
21. David Torn - Enjinfrend.mp3 (0.22mb) download
22. David Torn - Faire Lizard.mp3 (4.34mb) download
23. David Torn - Fazere Birds.mp3 (0.44mb) download
24. David Torn - Filtered Thawt.mp3 (1.05mb) download
25. David Torn - Flyby Choppa Indahous.mp3 (2.67mb) download
26. David Torn - Froog.mp3 (0.19mb) download
27. David Torn - Fun Time 4 a Worm.mp3 (0.27mb) download
28. David Torn - Further Rando Filtrathing.mp3 (1.98mb) download
29. David Torn - Ghost Breath.mp3 (2.63mb) download
30. David Torn - Giteridon't.mp3 (0.25mb) download
31. David Torn - H2oughta.mp3 (0.23mb) download
32. David Torn - Ill Wind.mp3 (2.66mb) download
33. David Torn - Loggo 1.mp3 (0.36mb) download
34. David Torn - Loggo 2.mp3 (0.72mb) download
35. David Torn - Machinoix.mp3 (0.61mb) download
36. David Torn - Magmatik Wind.mp3 (1.86mb) download
37. David Torn - Magmi Cello.mp3 (2.07mb) download
38. David Torn - Microfonkarmy.mp3 (0.41mb) download
39. David Torn - NotquitefunnyBass.mp3 (1.22mb) download
40. David Torn - Odorch.mp3 (0.55mb) download
41. David Torn - Oxymal.mp3 (0.76mb) download
42. David Torn - Ratchetised.mp3 (0.37mb) download
43. David Torn - Sampler@thefiringrange.mp3 (0.67mb) download
44. David Torn - Skank Sektion.mp3 (0.63mb) download
45. David Torn - Skewed Motor.mp3 (0.28mb) download
46. David Torn - Skubbleepin.mp3 (0.53mb) download
47. David Torn - Skwan Whisp 1.mp3 (1.20mb) download
48. David Torn - Skwan Whisp 2.mp3 (0.60mb) download
49. David Torn - Skwirly Time Skwawk.mp3 (0.34mb) download
50. David Torn - Sparkindoit.mp3 (0.54mb) download
51. David Torn - Storm Drain.mp3 (0.28mb) download
52. David Torn - Swingin Berlin.mp3 (0.44mb) download
53. David Torn - Talafaze.mp3 (0.61mb) download
54. David Torn - Talaflopover.mp3 (0.37mb) download
55. David Torn - Thatsmygitar.mp3 (0.21mb) download
56. David Torn - Vocasplat.mp3 (0.46mb) download
57. David Torn - Waag Danz.mp3 (0.33mb) download
58. David Torn - Wooden Wind.mp3 (0.25mb) download
59. David Torn - Yagoindown.mp3 (1.19mb) download
60. David Torn - Zombie Aire.mp3 (0.53mb) download

Album: Hard Cells [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 40 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Hard Cells download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - 3 Ring Guitar.mp3 (0.20mb) download
2. David Torn - Animofonk.mp3 (0.71mb) download
3. David Torn - Bad Things.mp3 (0.34mb) download
4. David Torn - Broked.mp3 (0.34mb) download
5. David Torn - Burrow Skwawk.mp3 (0.57mb) download
6. David Torn - Choppas.mp3 (0.87mb) download
7. David Torn - Churn Slop.mp3 (0.34mb) download
8. David Torn - Clakitter.mp3 (0.34mb) download
9. David Torn - Code 6.mp3 (0.43mb) download
10. David Torn - Densily We Roll.mp3 (0.37mb) download
11. David Torn - Drum n' Beach.mp3 (0.56mb) download
12. David Torn - Fafonk.mp3 (0.19mb) download
13. David Torn - Girthly Splat.mp3 (0.58mb) download
14. David Torn - Gofabips.mp3 (0.34mb) download
15. David Torn - Harm.mp3 (0.56mb) download
16. David Torn - Industribe.mp3 (0.36mb) download
17. David Torn - Lazy Waves.mp3 (0.23mb) download
18. David Torn - Luna Swept.mp3 (0.97mb) download
19. David Torn - Micro Choppa.mp3 (0.27mb) download
20. David Torn - Nastified.mp3 (0.89mb) download
21. David Torn - Omnirundi.mp3 (0.35mb) download
22. David Torn - Organified.mp3 (0.69mb) download
23. David Torn - Pounding Skwirls.mp3 (0.34mb) download
24. David Torn - Q-Bombers.mp3 (0.23mb) download
25. David Torn - Riff XK.mp3 (0.26mb) download
26. David Torn - Screebert.mp3 (0.22mb) download
27. David Torn - Skip Thang.mp3 (0.67mb) download
28. David Torn - Skwirly Time.mp3 (0.34mb) download
29. David Torn - Sliced Gtr on Rye.mp3 (0.21mb) download
30. David Torn - Sogroovy.mp3 (0.40mb) download
31. David Torn - Sohaps.mp3 (0.29mb) download
32. David Torn - Spitful.mp3 (0.27mb) download
33. David Torn - Splattafonk.mp3 (2.00mb) download
34. David Torn - Splattragit.mp3 (0.61mb) download
35. David Torn - Tala Mal.mp3 (0.31mb) download
36. David Torn - Tala Overbite.mp3 (0.61mb) download
37. David Torn - Timbur Ton.mp3 (0.27mb) download
38. David Torn - Tranz Ouch.mp3 (0.61mb) download
39. David Torn - Tunneling.mp3 (0.51mb) download
40. David Torn - Whissel Stop.mp3 (0.38mb) download

Album: Microsong Cells [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Microsong Cells download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - Gita 1 63bpm.mp3 (1.27mb) download
2. David Torn - Gita 2.mp3 (0.64mb) download
3. David Torn - Gita 3 64bpm.mp3 (1.25mb) download
4. David Torn - Glasgit.mp3 (0.95mb) download
5. David Torn - Glittary.mp3 (0.51mb) download
6. David Torn - Grayvel.mp3 (0.24mb) download
7. David Torn - Iscreamtheme.mp3 (0.53mb) download
8. David Torn - La Change.mp3 (1.06mb) download
9. David Torn - Oudles.mp3 (0.53mb) download
10. David Torn - Splattraslide.mp3 (0.28mb) download
11. David Torn - Tarbells.mp3 (0.75mb) download
12. David Torn - Udcourse.mp3 (0.47mb) download

Album: Soft Cells [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: David Torn
Album Tracks: 61 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Soft Cells download


File Size      #
1. David Torn - 6 Fingry Monks.mp3 (0.53mb) download
2. David Torn - 6 Strang Strike.mp3 (0.67mb) download
3. David Torn - Acoustistripe.mp3 (0.19mb) download
4. David Torn - Arcing.mp3 (0.23mb) download
5. David Torn - Barrel Roll.mp3 (0.56mb) download
6. David Torn - Beepie.mp3 (1.19mb) download
7. David Torn - Bleepy Time.mp3 (0.53mb) download
8. David Torn - Borigine.mp3 (0.28mb) download
9. David Torn - Bubbulls.mp3 (0.23mb) download
10. David Torn - Bublair.mp3 (0.77mb) download
11. David Torn - Charpa.mp3 (0.21mb) download
12. David Torn - Cherokee.mp3 (1.42mb) download
13. David Torn - Choochy Winds.mp3 (0.55mb) download
14. David Torn - Cloudanima.mp3 (1.88mb) download
15. David Torn - Clouds Too Low.mp3 (3.74mb) download
16. David Torn - Drifter.mp3 (0.95mb) download
17. David Torn - Duk Thwap.mp3 (0.33mb) download
18. David Torn - Espacetemps.mp3 (0.81mb) download
19. David Torn - Fafonk's Pappy.mp3 (0.37mb) download
20. David Torn - Go Bweep.mp3 (0.27mb) download
21. David Torn - Happy Duo.mp3 (0.41mb) download
22. David Torn - Harmoneridoo.mp3 (1.83mb) download
23. David Torn - Harp Wave.mp3 (0.72mb) download
24. David Torn - Ignition Faze.mp3 (0.80mb) download
25. David Torn - Ignition Filter.mp3 (0.54mb) download
26. David Torn - Inert Trace.mp3 (0.48mb) download
27. David Torn - Lil Gam.mp3 (0.21mb) download
28. David Torn - Lizard Clump.mp3 (0.30mb) download
29. David Torn - Mela.mp3 (1.24mb) download
30. David Torn - Oh! Funtime.mp3 (1.87mb) download
31. David Torn - Old Birds.mp3 (0.51mb) download
32. David Torn - Orchlich Puff.mp3 (0.35mb) download
33. David Torn - Paishuns.mp3 (0.29mb) download
34. David Torn - Pillow Ratchet.mp3 (0.37mb) download
35. David Torn - Radio Fantoma.mp3 (0.72mb) download
36. David Torn - Reserve.mp3 (2.38mb) download
37. David Torn - Ring Once.mp3 (0.92mb) download
38. David Torn - Sand Song Hi.mp3 (2.56mb) download
39. David Torn - Sand Song Lo.mp3 (2.56mb) download
40. David Torn - Shokd Open.mp3 (1.18mb) download
41. David Torn - Sifter.mp3 (0.28mb) download
42. David Torn - Sky Trace.mp3 (0.47mb) download
43. David Torn - Slid Down.mp3 (0.64mb) download
44. David Torn - Slip Signal.mp3 (0.38mb) download
45. David Torn - Snake Air.mp3 (2.38mb) download
46. David Torn - Sosodark.mp3 (0.27mb) download
47. David Torn - Stilive.mp3 (0.96mb) download
48. David Torn - Sturbed.mp3 (2.23mb) download
49. David Torn - Subcultural.mp3 (0.23mb) download
50. David Torn - Sweepie.mp3 (0.30mb) download
51. David Torn - Swimmers.mp3 (0.27mb) download
52. David Torn - Talabuzbark.mp3 (0.20mb) download
53. David Torn - The Local.mp3 (0.60mb) download
54. David Torn - Trepid.mp3 (0.35mb) download
55. David Torn - Truly Spun.mp3 (1.13mb) download
56. David Torn - Twinpack.mp3 (0.56mb) download
57. David Torn - Underklar.mp3 (3.27mb) download
58. David Torn - Warm Bell Slip.mp3 (2.41mb) download
59. David Torn - Windriven.mp3 (0.47mb) download
60. David Torn - Ydiip.mp3 (0.23mb) download
61. David Torn - YerbassicHuH.mp3 (0.29mb) download

[ Black Eyed Peas: Shut Up ]

Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Song: Shut Up

Just shut up
Shut up [3x]
Shut it up, just shut up
Shut up
Just shut up
Shut up [3x]
Shut it up, just shut up


We try to take it slow
But we're still losin control
And we try to make it work
But it still isn't the worst
And I'm craaazzzy
For tryin to be your laaadddy
I think I'm goin crazy

Girl, me and you were just fine (you know)
We wine and dine
Did them things that couples do when in love (you know)
Walks on the beach and stuff (you know)
Things that lovers say and do
I love you boo, I love you too
I miss you a lot, I miss you even more
That's why I flew you out
When we was on tour
But then something got out of hand
You start yellin when I'm with my friends
Even though I had legitimate reasons (bull shit)
You know I have to make them evidence (bull shit)
How could you trust our private lives girl
That's why you don't believe my lies
And quit this lecture


Why does he know she gotta move so fast
Love is progress if you could make it last
Why is it that you just lose control
Every time you agree on takin it slow
So why does it got to be so damn tough
Cuz fools in lust could never get enough of love
Showin him the love that you be givin
Changing up your livin
For a lovin transistion
Girl lip so much she tryin to get you to listen
Few mad at each other has become our tradition
You yell, I yell, everybody yells
Got neighbors across the street sayin
Who the hell?!?
Who the hell?
What the hell's going down?
Too much of the bickering
Kill it with the sound and


Girl our love is dyin
Why can't you stop tryin
I never been a quitah
But I do deserve betta
Believe me I will do bad
Let's forget the past
And let's start this new plan
Why? Cuz it's the same old routine
And then next week I hear them scream
Girl I know you're tired of the things they say
You're damn right
Cuz I heard them lame dame excuses just yesterday
That was a different thing
No it ain't
That was a different thing
No it ain't
That was a different thing
It was the same damn thing
Same ass excuses
Boy you're usless


Stop the talking baby
Or I start walking baby
Is that all there is [repeat]

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